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It is summer and for many of us who are adventure loving, this is definitely time to go hiking. The sunny and breezy summer weather for many is a great temptation to enjoy outdoor activities – hiking is perhaps the most popular or all. Lots of people enjoy exploring the nature with all its uncertainties. This is why planning for a hiking trip fills you with fun and excitement. If you are among those adventure-loving people, a great hiking trip will surely top your to-do list this summer!

While hiking with friends or family can be a wonderful and a fulfilling experience, it is important to have the right hiking gear on to enjoy the whole experience. After all, who would want to compromise on the comfort when out there in the sun? To stay comfortable and to get all the enjoyment, it is essential to pack along the right stuff. Hiking is often synonymous with heavy-duty walking. You might have to walk over stony trails or climb hills and mountains. Hence, the most significant hiking gear is the right footwear. Only with the right pair of shoes will you be able to enjoy your adventure without getting really tired. The Merrell hiking boots, for instance, are simply great for long and strenuous hiking trips. These shoes are available for both men and women. Made women’s Merrell outbound gore tex hiking bootswith spring motion technology, these boots provide step-softening comfort that will take you that extra mile.

The women’s Merrell outbound gore tex hiking boots is what I own and this is something I will recommend to every woman hiker out there. These shoes made with the Gore-tex gasket construction keep your feet warm and dry for that added comfort. The Oakley mid hiking boot is another great option for men. This thickly-padded shoe features full traction for steady stepping over rocks and other harsh surfaces. The lace-up design provides a custom fit while the mid-cut keeps you feelingOakley mid hiking bootstable while moving freely for some serious all-day hiking.

Right footwear is crucial and extremely important for a good and memorable hiking experience. Always ensure that the shoes you choose are lightweight, comfortable and durable. During monsoon season, pick the water proof shoes. Most hiking boots are heavily reinforced with waterproof breathable material. They are made for heavy-duty and tough terrains. Also, look for cushioning in the footwear you choose.

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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