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It’s not only choosing right cosmetics but also storing them properly is very important. If not properly stored cosmetics get worse quickly. This can be both costly as well as unhealthy. Proper storage or organizing of makeup items will actually save your time, when you are in hurry.

Many people keep makeup in bathroom. It’s actually a bad idea. The heat inside the bathroom can cause bacteria to grow. Hence your makeup doesn’t last as long. So a vanity in your bedroom would be a good one. Use a simple makeup or cosmetic bag to keep your makeup organized.

Instead of carrying many shades of lipsticks, eyeshadows and foundations in your handbags, you can carry palettes which will serve your entire makeup requirement. Using makeup palettes is quick and convenient.

Lipstick palettes provide you with a lot of flexibility when you are applying makeup with cover girl lipstick. They have many shades. Hence carrying one palette is enough. A wide variety of lipstick palettes are available in the market. These palettes are very small and can be placed in bags of smaller size.

Eyes are the windows to soul. It is very important to choose a right eyeshadow palette to beauty them. I enhance their beauty by using Guerlain Encrin Eye Shadow Palette. It is very compact and is available in six shades. You can easily place it in your handbag for a seamless makeup transition from day to night.

A makeup palette will be of great help if you want to change your look a lot. A single makeup palette includes different shades of eye shadows, lip glosses, blush, bronzer, face highlighter, mirror, and makeup brushes. I use Sugar Cosmetics Daily Diary Make Up Palette. This makeup palette is very compact and it satisfies all my makeup needs.

So why use huge cosmetic bags to store your items? Get a simple makeup palette which satisfies all your make requirements.

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