Entryway décor


Entryway decor

Your entryway is the first area inside the house that greets guests and homeowners alike. It provides guests a glimpse of the owner’s personal style and what is more to come as they are welcomed into their homes. Everybody’s home is different. Some may have a cute little cottage kind and someone’s may need a grand entrance. We can improve the look of your home’s entrance area by decorating the entryway in a lot of ways. Function, style and look or personality is important things to consider in this.

Function – Although the entryway is the first impression of the home, it also serves useful for shoes, bags, keys, mail and kid stuff. Choose items to store and organize these things as needed. Style – Choose storage pieces and decorative items carefully. They are the first indication as to what to expect in the rest of the house. Personality – For such a small space, the entryway serves many functions. Keep it interesting by personalizing with art, photos or unexpected accessories.

oak hall tree cubbie shelf

In a vast way, these things should be planned very well to make your entryway look more inviting:

  • The first thing is lighting. This is very essential. If you want your wall hangings, curtains, colors on the walls to get noticed, lighting is very important. Ceiling lights will help a lot for this purpose.
  • Walls and doors too have to be appropriate too. If the entryway is too narrow, have the walls done with lighter colors and designs. Mirrors will help too. And a broad entryway can have the opposite things.
  • If the opposite side is a blank wall with ample space in between, create a small vignette to greet your visitors. Prop up a painting on the wall. Add some accessories such as candles or geometric designs like the cubbie shelf.
  • The corners of the walls need not be left blank. If space permits, add slim, tall trees on both sides or on one side a coat hanger or an oak hall tree on the other side. Another option is to place tall floor lamps.
  • Lastly, not but the least a rug is a vital piece for any entry since all dust and dirt is got in from outside from here. A rug not only provides a place to wipe feet, it also gives a burst of pattern and color.

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