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Green house tips

Do you look at your neighbor’s garden and envy the mowed grass and gorgeous blooming flowers. Why not grow a green thumb in your garden too. There are plenty of easy-to-maintain solutions for your home yard. Instead of the usual flowers or shrubs you can implement some eco-friendly gardening tips. These will serve a dual purpose of decorating the garden and being environment friendly too.

Start off by installing a personal greenhouse in a home yard. The Gardman greenhouse is a walk-in greenhouse. You can construct a temporary greenhouse right in the backyard. The Polycarbonate glazing is a much safer alternative to glass Galvanized steel. Its aluminum frame is coated after drilling, which makes it easy to assemble or take down.

Bamboo plant for your garden

Another alternative here is to grow organic vegetables here and have a miniature farm style greenhouse also. Seasonal veggies can then be supplied from your own garden to the kitchen. You can also grow bamboo plants in your backyard. These plants require very little maintenance and watering. They add to the aesthetic value of the garden and also look visually appealing.

Planning to grow a green thumb? Here are a few tips to keep in mind-

  • Grow plants or veggies that fit into your garden. Anything that is too big will only create trouble later on
  • Choose organic or natural fertilizers and pesticides instead of chemical ones
  • Plant seeds which restore lost nutrients in the soil
  • Organize the greenhouse to accommodate more plants
  • Don’t add more plants if you cannot maintain the garden

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