How to build your own lacrosse goal


lacrosse goal

Lacrosse is a relatively new game for much of the world. However, it’s pretty popular among teenagers. Many kids, in fact, take a special interest in learning the right way to play this game which was once upon a time played by the Native American tribes. Lacrosse is a team sport of Native American origin, that later was even made one of the national sports of Canada.

lacrosse goal

Lacrosse is a very rapidly growing sport. Since many kids are getting interested in this game, having your own little  lacrosse goal in your backyard can be a great way for you and your child to practice lacrosse skills at home. While  professional training is a must, honing your skills right at home will only make you better at the game. It is quite simple to make your own lacrosse goal at home using PVC or metal pipes. Lacrosse has elements of soccer, hockey and basketball in it. Hence, the net is the most important material you will need to make your own homemade lacrosse goal. Here are the easy steps that you can follow and have a great lacrosse goal for your home.

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  • The best way to go about making the goal is to use metal pipes. You can have these pipes cut into three six foot pipes and two seven foot pipes. These pipes will be used to make the main framework of the goal. Metal pipes will make the goal sturdier but is expensive. A relatively cheaper option is to use PVC pipes.
  • The next step involves connecting the pipes to make the structural frame. You can use a metal solder in case of metal pipes or a PVC adhesive for the PVC pipes. Connect two elbow joints to the ends of the six foot long crossbar pipe. Connect the other two six foot long posts to the open ends of the elbow joints. This setup needs to have a U-shaped frame.
  • Connect one of the seven-foot-long posts to each open end of the elbow joint. Use another elbow joint to connect these two seven-foot-long base support posts where they meet at the back of the goal. This will give you a triangular base for your lacrosse goal.
  • The netting is the most important part. You can use either the fish netting or a mini tennis net. You can use a wire or sturdy plastic ties to fix the netting to the lacrosse goal frame.

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