How to get the Lauren Conrad braid


A chic and low-maintenance hair style is the Lauren Conrad braid. It lasts you all day long, doesn’t need touch-ups and looks classy with all outfits. Here are a few simple steps to get the perfect Lauren Conrad braid.

Now, before you start off with the look, make sure your hair is clean. Use a Paul Mitchell conditioner

to get bouncy, shiny and soft hair. The detangling conditioner helps in easy combing. Tangle free hair prevents bumps in the braid, which makes it look untidy. So, brush the hair well. Apply a hair gloss serum for better setting and shine.

Start closer to the forehead for smaller braids. Leave a gap of about 1-2 inches between the braid and forehead for larger ones. At the starting point of the braid, divide your hair into three sections, using a large round brush.

Do a casual braid twice or thrice before doing the French braid. It prevents hair from getting loose. Now, start with the French braiding. Don’t panic girls! It’s quite easy! Choose a braid closest to the side of your forehead. Take a hair section of moderate size and adjoin it with the closest braid section. Cross this hair section under the center section, like when you braid normally.

Continue braiding, using hair from the opposite side of the section you just braided. Keep repeating the above process till you don’t have any hair left for braiding. Secure the look with bobby pins, preferably criss cross. Overlapping wont let the braid be undone.

Some useful tips to keep in mind are-

  • For a normal braid, cross the left hair piece over the middle piece. Repeat the process on the right side
  • Use a pick comb if you have trouble dividing and holding sections
  • The look works better on wetter hair
  • Don’t give up on the first go! Keep trying and you will get the look

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