How to keep your dog healthy


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A healthy happy lively dog is a joy to behold. If you love your dog, you would more than willingly go that extra mile to ensure that he is healthy. Here is a guideline on how to keep your dog healthy.

Medical examination:
Regular annual checkups are a must. Whenever you see any sign of illness in your pet, consult your vet immediately. This is especially true in the case of senior dogs. Ensure that all the required vaccinations have been given.

Nutritious food:Pro Plan dry dog food small breed puppy
Feed your pet wholesome food that meets his dietary requirements. Premium brands like Pro Plan dog food have different types of food to cater to the different tastes and nutritional needs of dogs. You could also feed him homemade food and supplements based on the recommendation of your vet. As long as you feed him in the luxurious Walbrzych fine china bowl.

Adequate exercise is vital for keeping your dog healthy. Besides taking him for walks, allow him time to socialize and play with other dogs.
Purina busy bone dental dog treat
Regularly give your pet a bath, cut his nails, clean his ears and brush his teeth. You could give him dental treats like the Purina busy bone dental dog treat to keep his teeth in top shape.

Keep parasites at bay:
Examine your pet regularly to ensure that he is not afflicted by fleas or ticks. Regular worming, in consultation with your vet, is recommended. You could do so at home by giving tablets such as Heartgard Plus chewable tablets that are effective against heartworms, ringworms and hookworms.

The key to ensuring that your dog is healthy is to be vigilant at all times for any disturbances in his usual behavior and to investigate whether this change is due to some illness.

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