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There aren’t enough hours in the day and, unfortunately, sometimes we have to take our work home with us. Having a home office is a great way to organize our professional lives when we want time away from our cubicles. Choosing the perfect chair can mean the difference between anxiety and a comfortable working environment. Follow these tips for an optimal home office experience.

The perfect swivel chair is an essential piece of furniture to have in your home office. Since you will be sitting at your desk most of the time, make sure that your chair is as comfortable as possible. A swivel chair is great if you get antsy staying in one place for a long time. Some swivel chairs also come with arm rests, allowing you to rest your arms when you get tired or need a second to think. If you’re someone who likes to stay in your chair when you are reaching for something near your desk, consider a swivel chair with wheels.

If you’re on a budget and your ideal swivel chair is too expensive, consider getting an average swivel chair and just buying indoor chair cushions. These cushions have strings that you tie around the back of your chair, making it easy to attach and detach. Chair cushions also come in packs, so this is a great option if you want extra padding for other chairs in your home.

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