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It is quite likely that you take your dog along with you whenever you go out for a drive. Do you make certain that he is safe whilst in the vehicle? There are several precautions that you should take when you travel with your dog in the car.

Never allow your dog to sit in the front seat if you have a passenger airbag. Suppose the airbag get deployed, the force could seriously injure or kill him. The best place for a dog to travel would be in the rear seat or the back of the car.

It is not advisable to let your pet put his head out of the window as the debris could fly into his face and eyes and injure him. Moreover the air rushing into his delicate ears could harm the blood vessels of the ear. Let him get a view of the world outside through the closed windows. Remember to set the child window and door lock switch.

Kurgo dog booster seatRestraining your dog during your drive will ensure that he cannot climb into your lap or otherwise distract you. Depending on the size of your dog and the place where he is seated while traveling, there are several options available that will enable you to safely secure your dog.

For small dogs, car booster seats, like the Kurgo skybox booster seat, are ideal. Booster seats provide a good view for to your pet while keeping him secure and comfy. A pet seat belt also helps to restrain dogs of all sizes.

Mesh vehicle safety barrier for dogsA backseat hammock serves several purposes. It keeps your car clean, allows your pet to rest comfortably while traveling and also ensures that he stays in the rear seat without distracting you. A vehicle barrier is ideal for a van, wagon or SUV as it prevents your dog from gaining access to the driver and the passengers and yet provides him ample space at the back of the vehicle.

Finally, ensure that your dog is wearing his collar with identity tag with the correct details. Even if due to some unforeseen circumstance your dog does get lost, it would be possible to contact you when he is found.

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