Keep your laptop performing


Keep your laptop performing

It’s no secret that over time even the most sophisticated notebook PC or desktops will begin to run slow if you don’t do something to prevent it. A lot of us have even come to the point and wondered if computers like us, age! Well that’s certainly not the issue. All of the daily tasks that we do on our laptops right from running programs to downloading and deleting software does make our computer sluggish. Anytime you notice your computer freezing, shutting down or taking time to respond then its time you did something to speed up your computer by performing simple tasks.

The key to keeping your laptop or computer performing at its peak is maintenance. You can maintain your computer and keep it running smoothly. Here are the following tasks which you can do.

Detect and repair disk errors

This is something which should be done on regular basis. Checking for errors on your hard disk enables you to check the integrity of the files stored on your hard disk by running the Error Checking utility resent with most. The more you use your hard drive to for storage, it can develop bad sectors. Bad sectors slow down hard disk read/write performance, in a few extreme cases hard disk reading and writing becomes impossible. If you use your laptop once a week you should run this utility to prevent bad sectors from forming.

Perform Disk Defragmenter

This should on a monthly basis. Performing the Disk Defragmenter will show a significant change in the way your laptop performs. This should also be done in case you happen to install a very large file on to your laptop or install a new operating system. Using this tool will ensure that your disk read speed will be up to the mark which means opening programs and running them will ensure you have a greater response time.

Protecting your computer against spyware and viruses

Viruses and spyware will slow down your system significantly. A few viruses can cause a significant decrease in speed. Some viruses usually keep your processer running at 100% in a closed loop which makes opening and running other programs extremely slow. This also ends up heating your system significantly. Once you see your laptop heating up you should immediately use a laptop cooling pad as laptops are not designed to withstand such heat. Notebook PC’s now days like the Toshiba laptop computers come with enhanced virus protection software which will keep our computer safe. Now you should know that even if you have a good antivirus system you should get it updated whenever possible. It would be best to leave it on auto update. Updating your current operating system also would be a good idea.

So keep your laptops performing at its peak by performing these simple tasks!

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