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Going green is the latest fashion mantra. Fashion ramps are flooded with eco-friendly garments like jute, linen and other organic materials. So, why not refurbish your wardrobe and daily essentials to conserve the environment. Here are some reasons to make the green switch-

  • Chemical based mainstream shampoos, soaps and even cosmetics cause severe environmental damage. They also damage marine life when this sewage is disposed off in the oceans
  • Commercial dyes are made from harsh chemicals that are highly toxic
  • Avoid leather shoes as animals are hurt in the process of their manufacturing. Substitute them for eco-friendly alternatives
  • Many fabrics are not biodegradable. Disposing them would only result in further harm to the environment.

One of the first steps that you can take to look natural with green products is to purchase comfy and green clothing, Patagonia Torrentshell pants ranks high on the fashion scale. Available in knee and thigh lengths, these pants are recyclable via the Common Threads Recycling Program. It also has 40-UPF sun protection and provides excellent airflow to keep the body cool. Choose from hip squares or neutral shades.

When it comes to using organic or eco-friendly cosmetics.Get Bare escentuals foundation or mineral makeup powder, which is mild on the skin and doesn’t have any severe damaging impacts on the environment.

Leather shoes may have been a fad but now the trend is biased towards biodegradable materials. Stylish canvas-based shoes are comfortable and breathable. Sanuk shoes offer a range of chic designs made from recyclable and biodegradable materials.


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