Get a little shady: Sunglasses for your face shape


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Having the perfect pair of sunglasses that compliments both your face shape and your style can add major fashion points to your wardrobe. Sunglasses can act as an accessory or a statement piece. The key to finding the perfect sunglasses is choosing a pair that work well with your face shape. Here are a few things to bear in mind when choosing frames.

Oval – When you have an oval face shape you have the ability to wear any type of shade under the sun. So get a little playful with your sunglasses and choose a pair that makes a bold fashion statement. A colored frame can give you a pop of color, and two-toned sunglasses give you that retro look with a sleek design.  If you are into that retro feel try, a pair of ray ban sunglasses might suit you well.

Diamond – For a pair of timeless shades be cautious in choosing frames that are not as wide as the width of your face. A square frame works well in helping deemphasize your T zone. Ray ban sunglasses that are slightly curved work well to balance out the shape of your face.

Round  – If you have a round face and want to create a sense of cheek bones, a rectangular pair of sunglasses can add depth to and around your cheek s. Some Impulse sunglasses have a geometric shape that will help balance out roundness and accentuate the face to create the illusion of cheekbones.

Square – Picking aviator sunglasses, which are slightly curved can help soften sharp features and accentuate the jaw line. Tom ford designs a variety of aviator style sunglasses that are popular among celebrities and actors.

So stop investing in shades that do nothing for your style. Get a little shady with some sunglasses that suit your fashion sense.


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