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Who are you, or who do you wish to be in the space you are designing? Finding the answer to this question puts you on the path toward your personal style! The steps you take on this exciting path toward making your vision a reality can be broken down in an easy and methodical way.

I like to think of a design in layers. The first layer is made up of larger elements in the kitchen such as floor, walls, fixtures, cabinetry. These first elements of your design set the tone…They take you to a certain feeling or point of view, whether modern, traditional, a combination of styles or something else entirely, but you probably know where you’re going design-wise after making these first few selections. Next, you will consider color, texture, and pattern. Scale and proportion will play an important role – I frequently remind myself, “less is more!”

But, it’s the details…the little things, which in the end are not so little, that further build on the foundation of the design of the kitchen or bath. The hardware, lighting, sink, and faucet, while technically smaller pieces, play enormous roles in the design of your space.

Here is an example? I often spend time looking for a kitchen faucet for a client. Sculptural or straight lined? Soft or hard edged? Which finish? Which functions? Why? The answers are wonderfully subjective, and in the end, each answer represents a nuance, but I strongly believe they are critical nuances! Can you mix traditional and modern design? Absolutely.

The path to finding the right balance of your own personal expression is to take quality time and wait for the nuances of the pieces to speak to you. They will do that! Study the small trims, the sculptural quality of that faucet or piece of cabinet hardware, the era or period you want to express and the answers will come.

I find that when I consider both the forest (how a piece fits into the entirety of the design) and the trees (the small details of an item) these two perspectives keep me on track, the vision of my design concept perfectly intact!

Guest Blogger: Susan Serra, CKD of The Kitchen Designer and Scandinavian Kitchens

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