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sony bravia lcd tv

3D TV is an emerging technology, which enables user to watch 3D-movies, television programs and video games in their homes. A 3D TV uses techniques of 3D presentation like stereoscopic capture, multi-view capture, or 2D plus depth, and a 3D display, which projects a normal television program into a realistic three-dimensional field.

Most of the people want to have 3D entertainment at home. Many of them are planning to buy a 3D TV to enjoy the ultimate image quality by sitting in their home. Here are some important points to consider, before you actually plan to bring this 3D entertainment to home:

With a 3D television you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. You can experience outstanding quality pictures in three dimensional images.
  2. You need not go to a theater to watch 3D films.
  3. And yes, you can enjoy the real game power of the video games at your home.

Disadvantages include the following:

  1. With 3D technology still in its infancy stage, it’s not at all worthy to buy a 3D TV at this point of time.
  2. You need to sit right in front of your TV and have to wear those expensive 3D glasses to watch 3D movies and channels.

However, by having some great TV sets like sony bravia lcd tv and sony bravia 1080p you can enjoy the true image quality in your home. These TVs offer high resolution and excellent image quality.

I have a samsung 32 inch lcd tv in my home. This TV offers superb resolution and picture quality. Its fast response time allow you to enjoy the clear action of video games.

So why go for 3D TV, when you can get the breathtaking viewing experience with these amazing television sets. Get any of these amazing television sets and get a theater experience with out burning your packet.

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