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Harris tweed ivy cap

The current trend this fall is wearing an Oxford shirt, a pair of slimming jeans and casual shoes. You’ll be able to wear this from the workplace, straight into your favorite bar. If you want to look classy with an Oxford look, then dress up in casual and stylish fall trends. Here are the things you’ll need in your wardrobe, to achieve the classy Oxford look this fall:


Get casual, yet super stylish jeans this fall. Before you buy jeans, consider the following factors: color, cut, fit, durability and brand. Go for well-known brands like Levis, Lee or Gap, who keep their jeans in the latest fashion. The fits that are in style this season are skinny and bootcut, both of which are slimming. Follow this slimming trend, by trying on some dark blue or dark gray jeans. These colors are flatteringly slimming in any cut or brand.


A stylish jean paired with a decent Oxford shirt looks very classy. If you’re looking for the right shirt for this fall, then go for a Van Heusen Oxford shirt. This shirt will make both you and your wallet happy, by giving you a stylish and professional look without going over budget. Oxford shirts look classy and expensive, though they can be quite affordable. Dress it up with a tie or get ready for a night on the town with a slimming vest tossed over it. No matter how you wear it, you’ll love having an Oxford shirt in your closet.


The right pair of shoes will finish off the Oxford look you’re going for. Shoes like mens wingtip oxford will not only enhance a classic dressy look, but also keep your feet comfortable all day and night long. These shoes are made up of very soft leather and have a very classic wingtip styling. You can find them in the classic black and white two-tone for a very distinct look, or go for a solid version that will go with just about anything. Your Oxford look can be ready for a night out by switching your wingtip shoes for a casual pair of canvas sneakers, like Converse’s Chuck Taylors.


Caps are an accessory that are becoming more popular this season. Caps look trendy when worn with short sleeved Oxford shirts. One like the Harris tweed ivy cap creates a stylish and fashionable look for men. Made of fine wool, these caps look good and keep your head warm during the cold weather. Top off your Oxford look this season with a stylish cap.

Don’t wait–get these items and achieve the super stylish Oxford look this fall.

Guest blogger: Bhargavi

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