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Limp and static hair is a common problem. Pollution, high levels of humidity and other environmental factors deprive the hair of body and bounce. Using the wrong shampoo and some other hair products weigh down your hair. Sometimes, even an inappropriate hair cut results in lack of bounce. Wish you had bouncy hair like those hot models in the shampoo ads?

One of the easiest ways of getting bouncy hair that’s full of body is with hot rollers. Choose rollers from reliable and reputed brands like Clairol hot rollers. They are especially formulated to add curls and bounce to your hair, without causing any damage. Many inexpensive rollers don’t have protective coats and this can overheat your hair follicles.

hair rollers for bouncy hair.

For severely damaged hair, non-heated hair rollers are suggested. You just have to apply them on semi-wet hair and let it dry naturally. This adds bounce and body to the hair without causing any further damage to the hair cuticles, especially the ends. Some vital tips to implement for getting bounce and body in the hair are-

  • Always use a hair volumizer prior to blow drying or using rollers. It will add some shine to the hair and prevent damage from heating
  • If you don’t have hair rollers then bend your head. Now comb the hair from the nape of your neck towards the ends
  • Always wash hair with cold or room temperature water
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner type that suits your hair. For example, thin and limp hair requires volumizing products
  • Don’t let dirt accumulate on your scalp. It makes the hair limp. Shampoo hair at least on alternate days

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