Capturing memories in high definition


Capture your memories in HD: digital camcorder

Relive your favorite moments by recording them as videos and pictures. These special moments don’t come every day and it is a great idea to capture them in order to treasure them forever. Having a camera is one good way to capture the memories of the past, but a camcorder is even better. Choosing the right camcorder to buy is not an easy task. Here are a few things you would need to know before buying a camcorder.

First, beware falling for marketing ploys like the digital zoom they advertise. Digital zoom simply makes the pixels larger, whereas optical zoom means that the lens is actually zooming in or out. For a better zoom quality from your portable camcorder, choose the higher optical zoom, and ignore the digital zoom that’s advertised. If you’re really concerned with the quality of your videos you should be looking at how many chips are in the camcorder and how big the chips are. A 1CCD camcorder won’t give you the same depth of color as a 3CCD camcorder.

The next aspect you should be looking at is the ability of your camcorder to shoot wide angle shots. This feature is often overlooked by people who buy camcorders. The wide angle ability determines how far away from your subject you need to be in order to capture the image you want. This ability is good to have as it will help you take close-up videos when you don’t have much space to move around.

You should avoid buying cameras that can take both still photos as well as videos. Almost all digital camcorders nowadays come with the ability to take still photos. The idea behind having both a video camera and still camera in one device is good, but it often doesn’t take good quality pictures. You should set your priorities straight as to whether you want a still camera or a camcorder.

Lastly, for the absolute best video, you should look to get an HD camcorder because they offer the best quality. These camcorders have the ability to shoot videos at 1920*1080 or 1280*720 or both. If you already have an HD television, or plan to get one, this is the best camcorder for a crisp video image.

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