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As winter approaches and the weather gets colder, you and your cat will probably find yourselves spending more time indoors. Keep your cat entertained, and you’ll keep yourself entertained at the same time. Here are some ideas on how to pass the rainy evenings indoors.

Pick up some of the most popular cat toys

  • Keep your cat entertained by swinging a Da Bird feather teaser nearby. They’ll pounce and play their way through your living room as they chase after this colorful toy. Da bird cat toys keep your hands out of the way of your cat’s claws as well, because the toy is suspended from a wand.
  • Dogs will chase any light you point at the ground, but cats often have more particular tastes when choosing their prey. Pick up an automatic laser cat toy, and your cat will be entertained even while you’re away!

Create your own homemade cat toys

  • Here’s an easy way to make an interactive cat toy: cut holes in two disposable cups that are just slightly larger than your cat’s food or favorite treat, then fill one of these cups with a bit of it. Tape the two cups together, and let your cat bat it around to get to the food inside. You can also hang it from a doorknob, and your cat will have to do a little exercise to get to the food.
  • Find a scrap of string, and tease your cat with it. They’ll be chasing and hunting the string, and it’s a more affordable way of keeping your cat entertained. Cats also love playing inside containers and bags, so get your groceries in a paper bag and let your cat play with the bag on the floor after. You can trail your string in front of the bag and your cat will swat at it from inside their cover.

Give your cat some plushy company with stuffed gray cats.

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