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batman costume,  iron man costume,  transformers costume

Live out your fantasies as your favorite super hero this Halloween.  Here are some great heroes to choose from.

1.  Batman costume

Batman is sure to be one of the most popular costumes worn this year.  Having two blockbuster movies release in the last few years ensures that there will be plenty of costumes in stock at any Halloween store, and there will be plenty of variety in costumes ranging from the dark and gritty movie costumes to the comical Adam West TV show Batman costumes. Expect to see people in a black cape costume!

2.  Spiderman costume

Spiderman  is one of the most iconic superhero characters.  The great thing about being the web head for Halloween is the ability to accessorize.  Web shooters that shoot silly string from wrist mounts can be found at just about any toy store and add to creating a more authentic costume.

3.  Transformers costume

Transform into your favorite Autobot or Decepticon with the official costumes from the movies.  These make excellent costumes for kids, they are very simple and do not get in the way of a fun night trick or treating.  Some enthusiasts go so far as to create their own costumes that actually transform, so there are plenty of ideas on the internet for do it yourself Transformers costumes.

4. Iron Man costume

Be the millionaire playboy, Tony Stark, in his advanced suit of armor.  This is another costume that is sure to be popular this Halloween but there is plenty of variety in costume types.  This is another costume that can be accessorized with Iron Man toys.  There are some deluxe masks and hand gauntlets available at many toy stores.

5. Wonder Woman Costume

Dress up as the Amazon princess with her indestructible bracelets and mystical whip.  This makes a great costume on its own or as a couples costume paired up with Superman.  It’s also easy to accessorize.  When people ask you how you got to the Halloween party, just say you took your invisible jet.

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