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Going green in the kitchen is more than just switching from regular to organic. It means a transformation of everything from fruits and veggies down to kitchenware and individual ingredients. Take a look after the cut to see what you can do to become a green mean (or friendly!) cooking machine.



  1. Of course, go organic with your fresh produce, but also try to buy local! – Shop at your local farmer’s market or at local non-“big box” markets to buy food that didn’t generate oodles of pollution to get transported into your fridge. It’s kind to the environment and fresher for your taste palette!
  2. Switch to eco-friendly ingredients. – For example, you can easily switch out sugar for organic stevia or some other kinder sweetener. Stevia is a great sugar alternative for those living with diabetes and in some ways, it’s healthier than sugar. Consider packaging materials and other factors as well when you shop around.
  3. Replace kitchenware with eco-friendly alternatives for an even healthier organic meal. – Consider an eco skillet or other stove pots and pans with non-stick surfaces that offer an easy way for you to fry without that nasty petroleum surface. Of course, avoid greenwashing and wait until your kitchenware needs replacing or fun DIY transformations before you consider those green alternatives.
  4. Keep your kitchen clean with green cleaning products. – Once you run out of dishwashing liquid and other solvents, replace them with green cleaning products that cut out unnecessary chemicals that can end up in your meal. It’s good for your health and is a simple, subtle way to make you a better cook!
  5. Try not to cook too much food if you can help it. – If you’re not a fan of leftovers, take some preventative measures by cooking just the right amount to provide a filling meal for just you and not your trash can. If you’re more of an eater than a cook, consider glass food containers as an eco alternative to Tupperware.


Hopefully these are some feasible tips that’ll help you, the environment and your health! Bon appétit!

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