Finding the perfect scanner for your home office


Get the perfect scanner for your home

Scanners are a handy tool to have at your work place or your home office. They help you turn documents, photos, books, business cards, and other things into a digital format to store on your computer, where they will be safe and protected from damage. Buying a scanner for your home or office can be difficult with the vast options of different kinds of scanners that are available. Buying a scanner should be based on the things you want to scan and what you expect from the scanner.

If you only plan to scan text, a low resolution scanner should be more than sufficient. They cost less and do their job pretty fast. These are exceptionally good when it comes to scanning books.

If you plan to buy a scanner for scanning photographs and uploading them onto the internet, then you would require at least a medium-resolution. This means finding a scanner with at least 300 DPI, which should be more than sufficient for this purpose.

If you need to scan negatives and slide film, then you should go for a slide scanner. Slide scanners have a high color bit rate. Any slide scanner with a color bit rate above 36 should be enough for decent quality. Scanners like the HP scanjet have 48 to 96 bit color.

When it comes to scanners the speed of scanning can make a big difference in price and quality. Parallel port scanners are the least expensive but they are very slow. USB scanners are commonly used at homes and are relatively faster, but they’re also a little more expensive. SCSI-card based scanners are the fastest but they are very expensive. They are usually used by professionals.

Now that you have some knowledge on the world of scanners, get the best scanner for your home or office!

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