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Television and peer pressure make it difficult for children to resist junk food, which lacks nutrition. Junk food is bad for us, yet it tastes so good that it’s easy to snack on a lot of it without realizing the damage we’re doing to our own bodies. Help your children by teaching them to choose more wholesome, healthy food like fruit when they want a snack. If they learn to go for healthy options from a young age, they’ll be more likely to continue eating healthier throughout their lives.

The trick lies in introducing fruits and vegetables at every meal and talking to your children about them. Just like you talk to your kids, for example, about cleanliness, you can also tell them about how fruits and veggies benefit your body and how delicious they are. Serving fruit and veggies as a part of dinner can be a good time to talk about how good they are for us. One delicious trick my mother did was to have a fruit salad ready for dessert!

Making fruit look more appealing is an easy way to entice your children to eat it. Fruit bowls displayed attractively works wonders with kids. Allow them to arrange fruits in their baskets or trays and teach them to identify the colors and names of each fruit. Take them shopping with you and tell them to pick out the fruit that looks best to them.

Kids will be more likely to eat something that’s good for them if they chose it themselves. You have to be patient and set an example by letting children see that you like what you’re eating. At least once a week, my mom would make our dinner be a huge salad, with toppings that ranged from bell peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes to cheese, walnuts, and strawberries. To top it off, we would have strips of steak or chicken, which was a healthy way to entice us to eat it. A big salad bowl with vegetables cut attractively can be the focus on a dining table. If you start digging into it, children will follow suit.

Don’t forbid junk food in the house. That’s a sure way of getting kids fixated on it. If they like pizza, let them have it, but teach them to have such unhealthy items infrequently. Also, make unhealthy choices slightly healthier by adding fruits or vegetables to them. Tell them that they get extra cheese on their pizza if they eat two fruits from the glass fruit bowl on the table.

Try it. With a little effort, you’ll have your children making wise food choices in no time!

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