Great ways to save water


Save water

Did you know that Jennifer Anniston brushes her teeth in the shower to save water? If celebs are doing their bit, why not join the green cause and make a small contribution. With global warming on the rise, there’s a need to conserve water and restore a healthy environmental balance.

Be on the look out for leaks around the house. Check your home for hidden water leaks. One of the best ways of doing this is observing the water meter every two-hours when water is being used. Drastic changes in the meter reveal signs of leaks. Also, repair faucets that drip or use sealants to cover them. It is estimated that almost 2,700 gallons of water is wasted in a year, if the faucet is dripping one drop of water per second. Apart from the water wastage, this also adds to higher costs due to rise in the water meter and strain on the septic systems.

Low flow shower head

Get a low flow shower head such as a led shower head if you take a long time to shower. These shower heads reduce the flow of water. So, you actually end up spending less water, even if you bathe for the same duration. Nevertheless, if you can try and cut down on your shower time by minutes to conserve water. You would be amazed how five minutes each shower adds up.

Also, install a pressure balance shower valve to maintain the water temperature and flow. They maintain a constant water temperature irrespective of fluctuations in the water pressure. Sometimes, water gets very hot or cold water when someone uses another faucet or flushes the toilet.

Other tips to save water include:

  • Replacing leaky shower valves
  • Watering the lawn early in the morning to ensure more absorption and less evaporation
  • Wash your clothes when you have a full load

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