Best homemade Halloween costumes


Prince charming costume, recycled robot costume, Etch-a-Sketch

Come Halloween in a few weeks, you can be festive as well as eco-friendly! Homemade costumes are always the coolest, and they’re also best for the earth. Read on for a few ideas to get inspired.

1)      You can easily make a recycled robot costume from found materials. Use an old cardboard box or two, bottles and cans, old CDs and anything else that inspires you for the base. Try duct tape and markers to add more detail! This look is classic, or you can update it for today with a WALL-e reference.

2)      I was a witch for about ten years in a row growing up. My mom made a hat for me out of cardboard and electrical tape. She also sewed a loose-fitting cape for me out of store-bought fabric every few years. I loved being a witch, and it was easy and cheap for my mom to make me a costume!

3)      A well-known trick is to dress up as an iPod, Etch-a-Sketch or graphing calculator using a card-board cut-out. Make it relevant to this year by dressing as an iPad, instead.

4)      You can always dress as a recognizable stereotype. Do you even need a prince charming costume? Or, just go as a hipster. Whatever you wear, no one can really argue definitively against you sporting a hipster look.

Have a green Halloween!

Looking for more great costume ideas? Try a sparkle dance dress costume.

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