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Weather you are working out to burn extra calories or just to remain healthy, it’s important to monitor your pulse rate. You can either increase or decrease the intensity of your workout, by knowing your heart rate at every point of your workout. And for this you need to wear a heart rate monitor. With a heart rate monitor you can measure your exercise intensity, your fitness level and your cardiac capacity during your workout. Here is all about heart rate monitors and how they work. Take a quick look:

As what exactly its name suggests, a heart rate monitor measures and displays your heart rate at every moment of your workout. Heart rate monitors comes in two types. They are, strap heart rate monitors and strapless heart rate monitors.

Strap heart rate monitors:

These heart rate monitors are worn around chest. These monitors consist of a sensor which receives impulses of your heart and transmit this information to the watch which you wear on your wrist.

Strapless heart rate monitors:

A strapless heart rate monitor is nothing but a wrist heart rate monitor. These heart rate monitors are user friendly. They can easily worn on your wrist. A strapless monitor like timex heart rate monitors come with many fancy features, which help you to achieve your fitness goals.

There are several heart rate monitors which are specially designed for women. A good womens heart rate monitor will display your heart rate, calories burnt and also your workout time. These monitors warn you, whenever you exceed your safe heart rate zone. These monitor have a feminine and stylish look.

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