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slipcovers for couches

With the holidays just round the corner, you’ll want everything at home looking good for your guests. If your sofas or couches look dirty, slightly old, and frayed, you might want a new couch. But getting a new sofa or couch can be expensive, and we have plenty of other expenses during the holiday season!

Even getting them cleaned can be costly. Replacing the foam cushions takes quite a bit of effort. Though we try to keep our couches clean while we have them, by cleaning out little spots and stains immediately, they still wear out after years of use.

Couch slipcovers work for me! They’re less expensive than getting a new couch set and it saves me time. They are available in a number of fabrics and designs, and they fit into any budget. I prefer stretch slipcovers, which are elastic fabrics and other wrinkle-free fabrics. Or take your pick from brightly printed cotton fabrics for a light, fresh look. Leather or suede gives a richer, more luxurious look. Some of them are stain and spill-resistant too.

Slipcovers for couches can be maintained easily. All you have to do is remove and toss them into a washing machine. This is especially convenient when you have children and pets at home.

You can have different looks by getting different sets, and switching them out every few months. Keeping one set cleaned and ready comes handy when you have unexpected guests so you can quickly change the old cover.

Throw cushions or new cushion covers to match the the couch covers can give your couch or sofa an instant makeover.

Give your couches a new look with slipcovers and enjoy the festive season.

Guest blogger: Jayashri

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