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Hunting is an age old sport that is so popular that it has become a tradition that builds bridges between generations in a family. I remember when my father took me hunting for the first time. It was open season at the national park and my father took me camping in the woods. He taught me everything I know about survival in the woods and tracking. I learnt to track down deer and hunt them down. My father said that old school hunting used bows and arrows instead of firearms. The hunt was so much more intense with the bow and arrow.

I remember training for long hours in the woods with my bow and arrow. Hunting with bows teaches respect for all life forms. When you stretch the string and your hand holds the tool that can save or end the life of your target, you learn to respect the power that you hold.

When you learn to use bows, there are two different types of bows that you can use.

  1. Crossbows – They are easier to use since the bow is fashioned like a gun where the string is held back and released by a trigger. They are easier to use because they are steadier.
  2. Traditional bows – These are the regular bows that may be more difficult to use than the crossbows but they are bigger and can be more powerful. You can buy a readymade bow such as the Bear Recurve bow or buy an archery set.

Respect all life forms and use bows and arrows responsibly.

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