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Portable computing is essential in today’s world. With the amount of traveling that is involved with work, it is essential that your computing device is portable. When you talk about portable computing devices, it isn’t just restricted to a notebook PC. There are other devices like subnotebook computers, netbooks, palm tops and Tablet PC’s. Choosing a portable computing device should be based on the work you plan to do on it.

The most popular portable computing option is a notebook PC, also known as a laptop. A recent study shows that laptop sales have almost matched desktop sales. This goes to show that a lot of people are looking at laptops as the perfect replacement for their big and bulky desktop.  When it comes to performance and capabilities in a portable computer, laptops lead the pack and they often have the same capabilities as desktops. You can connect all your favorite accessories to your laptop, like webcams, speakers, portable hard drives, and printers.

Tablet computers are another form of personal computers that have one main difference from laptops: they are equipped with a touch screen interface. Tablet PC’s are most frequently used by graphic designers, as they can draw directly on the screen with a stylus. The scope of the tablet PC market has increased with the introduction of the iPad by Apple. The introduction of the iPad has surely changed the way you look at tablet PC’s, due its features and limitations.

Palmtops, or more commonly known as handheld PC’s, are even smaller than notebook PC’s. A handheld device usually has a keyboard which may be virtual or physical, PC card slot and USB connectivity. The development of Palmtops stopped during early 2000 and this gave rise to Smart phones. As a result you have phones with powerful computing options, effectively replacing netbooks for some people.

So go right ahead and choose the portable computing option that best fits your lifestyle.

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