Spy gadgets that are Bond worthy


portable scanner, usb flash drive, widescreen plasma hdtv

Prefer your martinis “shaken, not stirred?” Have a tendency of introducing yourself with your last name followed immediately by your first then last name? James Bond relied on Q to equip him with all the espionage tools a team could dream of, but you don’t have to be a spy in order to have the gadgets of one. Consider some of these nifty gadgets the next time you want to feel like a suave agent.

  • Need copies of paperwork without leaving a trace? Bring along a portable scanner that allows you to make digital copies of pages in a matter of seconds. You can even find one the size of a pen, so no one will ever know how you did it.
  • Most information you’ll want will be stored somewhere on a computer. Use your James Bond skills to get to the documents you need, then copy them over to a USB flash drive for later analysis. Store large amounts of information from any computer on a drive that’s disguised to blend in with your keychain.
  • After a long day as a double-O, kick back and relax in front of a widescreen plasma HDTV. Watch your favorite movie or television program on one of these screens that are sure to give you a crisp image. You’ll feel as if you’re working beside Bond as you watch your favorite 007 film in high definition.


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