The evolution of flare jeans


Flare jeans history

Skinny jeans and come and go, but I can never do without that good ol’ pair of flared jeans. Being pear shaped, flare jeans gives my rear a sleeker and compact look. It also creates the illusion of longer legs. Skinny jeans do give you the rock star, stylish appeal but only if you have a thin ‘hour-glass’ figure!

History of flared jeans

Flared styles have been around since the time jeans were invented. The first Boot cut jeans had been worn by sailors while doing messy jobs. These jean styles helped them work comfortably without worrying about their garments getting dirty.

Bell bottoms

During the 1970s the rebellious youth culture started personalizing flared bell bottom versions of jeans. Bell bottoms had huge flares below the knees. Many would add bells up the sides of regular flared jeans. A funky touch was given via both floral and conceptual textural embroidery. Bell bottoms became the symbol of the hippie revolution and the flower people. They also became the uniform for all pop concerts with use of-

  • Metal eyelets
  • Studs
  • Transfers
  • Appliqué
  • Anti-war graffiti biro writing
  • Other forms of decoration

Flared denims


Changes in the flared denim styles were prominent during the 90’s with a touch of Lycra. It enhanced the fit and comfort of these jeans, making them more wearable. The stretchable flare jeans gave maternity clothing a new avatar. The sluggish and sloppy maternity trousers were now replaced with well-fitted jeans. Stretchable denims had lesser flare compared to bell bottoms, making them a versatile and an evergreen style.

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  1. Kinsey Says:

    I totally agree, I love a good flared jean! I am especially liking the high waisted variety this time of year. Interesting post, I guess I thought flared jeans were a product of the 70s!

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