10000 steps a day for a healthy heart


Proform Treadmill

Cardio exercise is the best form of exercise to strengthen your heart. Cardio exercise is unlike the weight training exercises that most people hit gyms for. Weight training targets specific muscles of the body and strengthens them. But cardio exercises strengthen the core part of the body, the heart. Cardio exercises allow the heart to beat faster and pump blood faster into your system. The exercise that your heart undergoes allows it to become stronger and last longer. This is very important because without exercise, your heart becomes weaker over time. A weaker heart can lead to many health complications and your overall stamina will be greatly reduced.

Exercise your heart and strengthen it by taking up cardio exercises. The vigorous exercises will keep your heart in shape and your health will stay strong. The best way to exercise your heart is to go jogging. They say that 10000 steps a day gives your heart enough exercise to stay healthy. You can hit the outdoors for a jog or head out to a gym. You can even install a treadmill at home. Proform treadmills are the best for exercising at home. The Proform 780 crosswalk is a brilliant treadmill with many options and settings that will customize your workout to suit your energy levels. The Proform 570 crosswalk is a cheaper option for those on a budget.

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