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An athlete is defined as a person who has the natural or acquired characteristics of strength, agility, and endurance that are necessary for physical exercise or sports. An athlete competitively participates in sporting events, competitions and tournaments in order to win. Not all of us actually fit into the category of athletes. In order to be considered athletes, one has to be actively participating in the sport in various levels.

But just because you are not an athlete does not mean that you cannot don the gear of an athlete! That’s right, you might not be the professional football player or an Olympic grade track runner but you certainly can grab athletic gear for casual and sporty attire! You can wear athletic gear for a casual training session or even a casual outing with your friends. Athletic attire lends a sporty look to you. Sports fans will love sporting colors of their favorite teams and athletes. Athletic gear is not meant only for athletes! They are great for casual wear. Here are a few popular choices for athletic gear.

1.       Adidas track jackets have always been popular because of their design. They are effective windcheaters and they are certainly stylish and sporting to look at.

2.       Nike swimwear can be worn to the beach for a fun day of sun, sand and waves!

3.       Track pants are great for relaxing at home because they are so comfortable. They can even be worn on a casual trip to the neighborhood supermarket too!

Athletic gear can be worn by anyone for many purposes. They are not restricted only to the athletes!

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