New Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB Review


apple ipod shuffle 2gbOn September 1, 2010 Apple Computer Inc. (APPL) unveiled the latest generation of their iPod music players, refreshing the iPod Nano, Shuffle, and Touch product lines. Moreover, the company reinvented the Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB model, creating a revolutionary microscopic music player.

Transformation in Design

After analyzing the new Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB form factor, the company reverted to a similar design used on the second generation shuffle. Previously, Apple utilized a candy-bar form factor without buttons on the first and third generation models. Unlike the Shuffle’s predecessors, the fourth generation model features a metallic unibody design with play, skip, and volume buttons.

Features of the New Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB


Keeping with the second-generation design, Apple included physical buttons on their flagship MP3 player, which is a nice comeback. While tech analysts enjoyed the third generation Shuffle, the lack of physical controls decreased usability and limited the player’s functionality. Furthermore, Apple revamped the hold button, allowing users to play music in order, shuffle songs, or turn the player off. Their creative design contributes to the shuffle’s tiny footprint.


Since the iPod Shuffle looks like a jewel, who wouldn’t want to wear the handcrafted player? Coincidently, Apple includes a clip on the back of the iPod Shuffle to hold the player tight whilst exercising or running. The Shuffle conveniently attaches to your belt or pocket without adding bulk.


The Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB literally “talks” to you, with the help of Cupertino’s VoiceOver technology. When listening to a track, simply press the VoiceOver button and the iPod speaks the track and artist name. VoiceOver also reads the names of playlists and informs you when the battery is low. VoiceOver communicates in 25 languages, including Spanish, French, and Italian.


Unlike previous generations, the new Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB synchronizes multiple playlists and supports Apple’s Genius technology. Sync audiobooks, podcasts, and music to multiple playlists in iTunes, using VoiceOver on your iPod to select the playlist you desire. Furthermore, sync Genius mixes to your iPod shuffle for on-the-go entertainment.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB Specifications

Providing up to 15 hours of media playback and boasting 2GB of internal flash storage, the iPod Shuffle is ideal for those with active lifestyles. Using a quick charge technology, the iPod Shuffle only takes two hours to charge up to 80 percent. The Shuffle charges on any computer with a powered USB port or external power adapter (sold separately). When purchasing an iPod shuffle, users receive Apple earphones, a USB cable, and user documentation. You need iTunes for Windows or Mac in order to add music to the device.

Who Should Buy the Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB?

The iPod has came a long ways since their bulky first-generation model in October 2001, offering multiple product lines that cater to a diverse clientele. The iPod Shuffle is ideal for individuals seeking no-frills music playback with minimal financial risk. Use the Shuffle during your commute, in the gym, around the house, or anywhere else you want to listen to music. Holding roughly 500 songs, the Shuffle provides adequate storage, given you can synchronize the device to add or remove tracks.


Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB Models

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