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A new baby spells great happiness for the parents. But raising your newborn will not always be a pleasant experience. Bringing up a little baby can get tough at times. One such time is when you want to go out shopping or for a walk and have to carry your baby all the time. For parents who like to or have to travel a lot, a stroller is an essential tool of the trade. Strollers have been a great innovation for parents across the world. They make traveling with your baby easier and fun. While providing you with convenience and your baby comfort, a stroller has now become a must-have for many families.

While strollers come in various sizes, some models can be bulky at times. Due to the demand of a modern parent with space restrictions, compact strollers are essential. Lightweight strollers have come a long way from the traditional umbrella strollers. A lightweight, portable compact stroller that has all the features you and your baby will need is the perfect solution to move effortlessly around town with your baby. Here are a couple of compact baby strollers that are much easier for taking quick trips to the mall or zoo. These compact lightweight strollers should be easy to stash in a trunk without taking too much of space.

  • Graco literider stroller: The brand Graco is often synonymous with quality baby merchandise. The Graco literider strolleris arguably the ideal compact stroller around. This super light stroller weighs less than 17lbs and is the perfect tool for frequently traveling with your child. It is easy to maneuver and the one-hand-fold makes storing it a breeze. It accepts Graco’s SnugRide and SafeSeat infant car seats, making transition from the car painless. There is also more than enough storage for a diaper bag.
  • Chicco liteway stroller: The weight of this super trendy stroller is probably the basic consideration if you want to take your baby jogging with you. A lightweight stroller is the perfect way to enjoy jogging with your baby and the Chicco liteway stroller is the best possible solution for your needs. This stylish stroller has an ultra light aluminum body making it perfect for your workouts. It comes in an array of fabulous colors. This compact stroller has several great features that make it convenient and very comfortable to use.

When shopping for a good lightweight stroller, look for a quality compact stroller which will ensure that your child is safe and comfortable during the ride. Investing in a stroller should be a wise and well thought decision, as this is one piece of baby gear that will last your baby through their toddler years. Stroll around in a lightweight stroller with your baby and enjoy the time you spend with them, as they sure grow up fast!

Guest Blogger: Nisha

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    I love Graco products. When I had my son I had a Graco travel system, but eventually we got tired of the huge stroller that took up our trunk space (we have a small car). I had gotten the Chicco Liteway in Surf, the blueish color but returned it about a week and a half later. I used it 3 times and it was constantly shaking and wobbling when my boyfriend or I would use it. We returned it and got a Graco stroller, the Graco Mosaic, which has worked great for us and the basket is a little bit bigger on the Mosaic then the Liteway. By the way, im loving the blogs!

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