Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week No. 18


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the WeekThe theme of this week’s Best of the Web (like the Pride and Prejudice title that never was) is “first impressions.”  The blog names say one thing and the blog content seems to say another.  Whatever incongruity that may lie between title and posts (and I’ll let you fashionable readers be the judge), our two featured blogs are both most definitely  married to style.

Domesticity. This blog definitely goes beyond its name.  Originally conceived as a beauty and lifestyle blog in 2005, Domesticity has since expanded its scope to include global insights on beauty, style, and popular culture. The blog’s featured entries include product reviews and humorous features on celebrities, as well as commentaries on fashion, health, fitness, and self-esteem.

The blog’s “Video Style Moments” entertain readers while subtly encouraging us to exercise our aesthetic muscles.  Keep an eye out for the microcosm moments where editor Meimei posts thoughtful moments from her life.

The Cupcake Goddess. Secretary by day and a dressmaker by night, blog editor Sunni is the Caped Crusader of style.  She’s a former musician married to a musical composer and she writes about her sewing adventures, hoping to splash a little inspiration to readers.  Sunni’s self-made fashions, inspired by vintage sewing patterns and innate genius (I reckon) are an absolute visual treat.  (And the title is completely random!)

Says the musician turned (self-professed) psychotic seamstress: “I started my little corner block in 2007 where I didn’t have any idea where my road would lead and what adventures awaited me and I still don’t know, as a matter of fact.”

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