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Babies love playing with dolls and it can be a rewarding experience for parents and babies alike. Dolls come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and gender. Having your baby play with dolls is an excellent way to role play with your child. Dolls can teach your child positive ways to communicate and is a wonderful way to promote social and educational development. There are several ways your baby can play with their dolls and helping them learn how to play with them is key.

Baby Doll Strollers

Once babies get to walking age pushing their doll in a stroller can be a fun experience. There are several baby doll strollers on the market today and finding one that your child can easily push will make the experience a lot more rewarding. Babies will enjoy pushing their baby doll strollers all around the house and it also helps your child’s development. Baby doll strollers are also a great way to get your baby up and moving around. Rainy days are ideal times to have your baby push their baby doll strollers all over the house. Your child will be up and moving around instead of sitting down playing with toys.

Doll Houses

Babies love playing with doll houses. There are so many moving parts in a dolls house and it really stimulates your child’s mind. Just like baby doll strollers there are several different doll houses on the market. Finding one that is age appropriate for your child will make the doll house experience a lot more pleasant. Doll houses teach children how to communicate with others and how to use their imagination. Doll houses let children act out several family roles and can assist in teaching them how a family works.

Doll Games

Doll games can be played without any expensive accessories. All it takes to play a doll game is an imagination and a little creativity. One fun and popular game among children is “school”. Have your child set up her dolls on the couch or on her bed. She can put paper in front of them and make believe that her dolls are doing assignments. Your child can draw or write on a chalk board which is an educational experience because she is practicing her writing. Another game that your baby can play with her dolls is “dress-up”. Dress up is a great doll game because it helps her with fine movement skills. Learning how to put clothes on her baby doll will in turn teach her how to put clothes on herself. During this doll game teach your baby how to zip up pants and jackets. You can also teach your baby how to button shirts and tie show laces. Don’t expect your baby to get the hang of this the first time around but the more you show them the easier they will pick up the skill. Something simple as having your baby sing to her dolls can be a fun doll game. Have your child put her dolls in a circle and then sit down with your child. Start singing songs like patty cake, ABC’s and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Help your baby memorize the songs and then have her try and repeat the songs on her own to her baby dolls.

Whether you are using baby doll strollers, doll houses or any other doll game you should feel great knowing your baby is learning something new at all times. Getting involved in your child’s play time is rewarding your baby and yourself. You should also remember to encourage your baby to play alone at times. Learning how to play independently is a skill that every child should have.

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