Don’t forget your vitamins and minerals during winter


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Warding off small, chronic ailments and illnesses is an occupational hazard during the winter months. It’s important to fortify your family and yourself against these irritants and to ensure you are taking enough vitamins and minerals. Depression can set in during long, dark winters and cause fatigue, increase craving for starchy food, and expose the body to diseases like the flu. What you need is a healthy dose of sunlight and good health supplements to provide nourishment during the winter months. Herbal supplements are also a healthy alternative to processed supplements. Here’s how you can make sure you get the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals this winter:

1. Make sure you’re getting enough sunlight, as it is a good source of vitamin D. Vitamin D, which your body needs to absorb calcium properly. Papaya garlic supplements that help fight osteoporosis and enforce muscle and bone strength are vital for good health. Daily consumption of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D helps reduce depression.

2.  During the sluggish winter months, it’s important to keep pH levels in the body right and get in adequate amounts of alkalizing foods in our diet. Supplements like phion green powder contain over 35 alkalizing foods that helps supplement our regular winter diet and prevents neutralize damaging acids in your system.

3.  It’s crucial to keep your body warm during the winter months and eat calories that contain the right portions of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Universal Nutrition Gain Fast Chocolate Shake is a drink that gives us all of the nutrients we need to live a healthy life. This wonder drink helps keep energy levels up and strengthens muscles. It’s a favorite with sports people who need huge reserves of energy and strength to fuel their performance.

Stock up on enough vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immune system and keep fit this winter.

Guest blogger: Jayashri

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