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Men’s formal clothing can be worn for almost any occasion, especially business meetings, wedding ceremonies, formal dinners and other special functions. Men look classy in formal clothing, especially in a neatly tucked button up shirt and well-tailored pants. Here are a few tips on how to dress up for different occasions with formal clothing that’s sure to get people’s attention:

Men’s dress shirts

Decent mens dress shirts worn with the right pair of pants will make you look suave enough for women to make the first move on you. Men’s dress shirts are available in different shades and styles. Choose a long sleeve shirt with lighter shades like gray, silver, and off-white, which look stunning and can be worn for any occasion. Shirts made of silk or cotton are your best choice for formal attire.

Men’s suit pants

When you wear lighter shade shirts, it matches best with dark pants. Always wear pants which fit perfectly for you, or have them tailored. I prefer wearing mens suit pants from Banana Republic. Pants from this brand are lightweight, versatile and extremely classy. If you’re attending a slightly less formal occasion, get a nice pair of black, navy blue, or khaki slacks. You’re sure to wear these again, as they go well with almost anything.

Woven silk tie

A decent shirt and perfect fit pants, with the right tie looks great when worn to work or any occasion. Just be careful that when you choose a tie, you don’t get one in an extremely flashy color. A woven silk tie looks great on any shirt and suit, especially in a light blue or silver. I prefer solid and conservative colors, because they look classy in an effortless way.

Men’s dress shoes

Finish your outfit with the right shoes. Oxford shoes are a classic look and the right color will match well with any outfit.

Guest blogger: Bhargavi

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