Finding the perfect engagement ring


Engagement ring

Guys, when it comes to finding the perfect diamond ring the rule of thumb is the bigger the diamond, the better. If your partner tells you size doesn’t matter and diamonds are not her best friend, she is lying. Trust me, I have been there. Nothing short of a fist size seems to make a dramatic impact. Anything without diamond is not rated as an engagement ring. So, start saving now!

A perfect engagement ring is every girl’s dream. So, try and find out about her preferences from friends and relatives. I recommend you don’t take her shopping for a ring. It will just burn a deeper hole in your pocket and of course, it lacks the surprise element.

Emerald diamond ring

Does she like stones? You can get her an emerald diamond ring or some other stone of her choice with embedded diamonds. Stones are more economical than diamonds and yet look classy and elegant when decorated with diamonds.

A solitaire ring will cost more but make sure you don’t compromise on quality. Only buy diamonds, which are certified and have are hallmark approved. You can choose from round, square, rectangle or even heart-shaped diamonds. Pink diamonds, especially heart-shaped ones are a favorite with most women.

A budget friendly option is the classic 2 carat diamond ring. You can check out antique designs or go for the simple solitaire style. Some other tips to keep in mind are-

  • Make sure you get her ring size right
  • Find out what kind of metal she likes e.g. gold, silver or platinum

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