Stay safe this winter with flameless LED scented wax candles


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Spice up your living room décor whilst maintaining a safe house by using flameless LED scented wax candles in lieu of the traditional beeswax variety. Besides reducing your fire risk, flameless candles help reduce our reliance on beeswax – a natural resource in which manufacturers use over one billion pounds of each year in the United States.

Flameless candles reproduce the light of traditional ones without exposing a hazardous naked flame. Most models on the market utilize AA or AAA batteries, making them as portable as real candles without the hassle of needing a cigarette lighter. Furthermore, flameless LED scented wax candles have various brightness settings and can mimic the flickering of real candles. The warmth of the LED light slowly melts the wax, so the candle does not “burn out” or emit carbon.

Benefits of Flameless LED Scented Wax Candles

Real wax flameless candles are family friendly and convenient, making them a viable option for thousands of households throughout the country. Real wax flameless candles have the benefits of real candles, such as soothing scents and aesthetic displays, without exposing a dangerous flame. Safely place candles on a table, windowsill, counter, or anywhere else without worrying about your cat, dog, or child knocking them over. Pet owners understand the problematic nature of traditional candles – especially those with nimble cats that jump throughout their house! Furthermore, flameless LED scented wax candles do not require an electrical outlet and can be turned on or off within seconds. Some models even include timers, which is great for deterring burglars whilst on vacation.

Consumer Research on Candles

Consumers particularly enjoy vanilla flameless wax sensor candles, as they are relying on candles to serve as the focal point of their room and home décor. The scents embedded within the candles are a quantifiable selling point, as consumers are using candles for stress relief and relaxation purposes. Recent research further strengthens this connection, with four out of five customers indicating the candle fragrance is “very important” to them. With regard to home décor, 90 percent of candle buyers use them to make their living environment “comfortable” and “cozy.” According to as 42 percent of surveyed respondents, the living room is the most popular place to burn candles, Interestingly, one-fifth of women indicated they use candles to decorate their yard, patio, and exterior rooms.

Facts about Candles

According to the National Candle Association, 7 out of 10 households utilize candles during the winter, accounting for approximately $2 billion in retail sales each year. With more than 400 manufacturers producing candles, consumers have a wide array of products to choose from, as each manufacturer offers 1,000 to 2,000 unique models. Interestingly, there are 10,000 different scents on the market, giving consumers the option to purchase candles appropriate for any occasion. While 35 percent of candles are sold during the holiday season, candles are an essential component of your household décor.


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