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The adage “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” is as relevant to our pets as it is to us. Research suggests that a bored dog often resorts to bad or destructive behavior. The best way to ensure that Rover is suitably occupied is to provide him with fun toys for dogs.

Some of the dog toys that are popular with pooches include the following:

Chew toys:

Most dogs love gnawing and chewing. Dog chew toys are available in different shapes and colors. Some can have treats filled in them, a welcome bonus for Rover! A word of caution is that you should take into consideration your pet’s size and chewing power when you buy a chew toy.

Fetching toys:Spikey football dog toy

The fetching game satisfies the natural canine instinct of hunting and retrieving. You could use a simple tennis ball, a disc such as the Aspen soft bite floppy disc or even a floating toy like the Spikey football dog toy. A tug toy can be a great way for both of you to expend your energy.

Talk-to-me treat ballInteractive dog toys:

When you have to leave your pet at home alone, give him an interactive toy to play with. This could be in the form of puzzle toys, treat toys or talking toys. A toy such as the Talk-to-me treat ball that plays your recorded message when he touches it and dispenses treats, will help in alleviating his separation anxiety.

Plush dog toys:

Often dogs like to play with soft plush toys that make different sounds like squeaking and giggling. Many even take these toys with them to their bed when they are ready to sleep!

The word “fun” is relative as each dog has a unique personality. Thus what is entertaining to one pooch may not be so to another. Ideally you should keep your pet’s preferences in mind when you choose a toy for him.

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