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Connecting your PC to your HDTV: HDTV

Gaming on a computer is the ultimate experience that gamers can have. Sure all you console owners might not share the same opinion, but think about it. Wouldn’t you want to play your favorite games with a mouse and keyboard rather than a controller? I certainly would! If your argument is that your TV screen is so much better than your computer monitor, that’s easy to address. Here’s a look at how to enhance your computer gaming experience:

When it comes to computer gaming, it’s absolutely essential that you have the latest hardware. Once you get yourself set up with a gaming PC that has a good graphics card, memory, and processor, your computer is almost ready for the ultimate gaming experience. You could get a nice computer monitor. Or, even better, you can connect your computer to your already awesome home theater system in your living room.

Think about it: wouldn’t a 40 odd inch HDTV with Call of Duty running on it be awesome? Just make sure that your TV is capable of supporting Full HD. It would be pointless if it supports only 720p content, because that resolution on a large screen TV doesn’t look that great. TV’s like the Panasonic Viera HDTV or the Sony BRAVIA HDTV are perfect when it comes to gaming quality resolution.

Instead of buying a fancy monitor, you only have to get HDMI cables to hook up your gaming PC to your home entertainment center. Sure the regular VGA or DVI cables would also work, but if you want to have the best visual quality, then you should get HDMI cables. These cables have zero percent signal degradation and a few are even gold plated to ensure that the signal quality remains strong for years. Add the finishing touches to your system with a wireless keyboard and mouse, so you can sit and play your games from anywhere in the room. Console gamers would never again be able to argue that their game play is so much better on a console because it’s connected to a TV.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your gaming experience by connecting your gaming PC to your large screen HDTV, and you’ll instantly be immersed in your computer game.

Guest blogger: Anil

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