Getting your dog ready for winter


Winter is around the corner. To make the transition into the cold weather simpler for your dog, there are certain steps that you can take to acclimate your dog.

  • If your dog is an outside dog, place his house away from the cold drafts of wind. Ensure that the dog house is insulated and that it has a door. Fill the house with a warm bedding material like hay. You could also place a pet heating pad to keep him warm.K&H thermal heated dog bowl
  • A heated pet bowl, like the K &H thermal heated dog bowl is a great idea if you live in a cold place. That way his drinking water and food do not freeze. Keep the bowls away from the wind.
  • Since keeping warm takes up more calories you may need to modify your pet’s diet to meet his increased nutritional needs. Consult your vet on what an appropriate diet would be.Granite Gear endurance dog booties
  • Getting him doggie boots like the Granite Gear endurance dog booties is a good idea as it gives him the required traction when walking on the snow and ice. This will protect his paws whilst simultaneously preventing him from slipping and injuring himself.
  • When the temperature is extremely low, let your dog into the house. An alternative would be to ensure that he has access to a warm room or garage.
  • If your pet is an indoor dog, place his bed or blanket away from the draft.
  • Some breeds that have little or no fur may require sweaters to keep them warm.

In no circumstance should your pet be left outdoors without a warm shelter in extreme temperatures. Let your dog get acclimated to the colder weather by gradually getting him to spend more and more supervised time outside. This would ensure that he will be able to adapt to the falling temperatures more easily.

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