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Tribeca coffee table

One of the trademarks of modern decor is the inclusion of glass designs in furniture. Glass and steel introduces a theme of technological progress that can give your home a contemporary appeal. The best way to include glass designs in your home décor is with glass tables. Glass surfaces give the appeal of fine décor combined with the contemporary ambience of a modern home. Here are a few glass top table ideas that you can use in your home.

There are different degrees to which you can include glass, ranging from: 60 inch glass table top to semi-contemporary to classical. This is a quick guide to what differentiates each style:

1.       Contemporary glass tables are almost exclusively glass and steel. They do not have any elements of wood. They generally have sleek designs coupled with minimal moving parts such as drawers and chests. Perfect examples would be a glass top dining table.

2.       Semi-contemporary glass tables include minor elements of wood. The frame of the table is made of wood but the wood is fine crafted and thickness is kept to a minimum. The contemporary appeal of these tables is restricted to the shape and glass work. A great example would be the Tribeca coffee table.

3.       Classical glass tables are tables that have traditional heavy woodwork with glass table surfaces. They maintain a heavier wooden look with broad shapes and thicker glass work. They are sturdier but they’re also larger and occupy much more space.

Choose the right glass top table in order to suit the theme of your home. Most homes tend to fall into the semi contemporary category. These are homes with a blend of contemporary design and classical appeal. Look for light woodwork and combinations of glass tops with metal and wood frames.

Guest blogger: Anirudh

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