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Organic lotions

Nothing soothes the skin like the care of Mother Nature. Unfortunately, most cosmetics and lotions today lack natural ingredients but are loaded with chemicals, which cause skin-damage in the long run. Organic lotions are a great alternative to these mainstream cosmetic lotions and products.What I love about these organic lotions is the instant glow, like the one you get from Neutrogena natural glow 10. These lotions are available in different categories like serums, solutions or cream texture. They are also suited for specific skin types. For instance, there are lotions for oily, dry and normal skin.

The Camocare organics products offer a line of eco-friendly products made from natural ingredients. Rich in anti-oxidants and freshness of natural extracts, these products combat the signs of aging, replenish the skin and hydrate it. They are ideal for individuals with sensitive skin as they don’t have any harsh or chemical based ingredients.

If you are looking for protection from the harmful UV rays, then the organic sunscreen lotion is a perfect choice. The L`occitane sunscreen lotion high protection SPF 30 is made in Brazil. The natural sunscreen lotion is formulated with organic vegetable oil extracted from the palm-tree Buriti. This tree is harvested in the State of Pará and offers magical sun care, the natural way.

Protect your skin with organic winter body lotion. Made from100% vegetarian ingredients, this lotion hydrates and illuminates the skin during winters. The mysteriously fresh raspberry creates an aromatic experience. The advanced essential oil complex soothes, smooths and regenerates the lost moisture from the skin. So, enjoy the pampering of organic products and say no to chemical lotions.

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