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interactive baby doll, sweet as me doll, baby knows doll

Little girls love to play with baby dolls and with so many on the market it is hard to know which ones to buy. Instead of sticking with the traditional baby doll think about buying an interactive baby doll. These new and innovated dolls will keep that special little girl in your life entertained for hours on end.

An interactive baby doll is the most realistic baby doll you can purchase. They are very realistic and are very similar to real live babies. You will find interactive baby dolls that swim, eat, talk, sing, laugh, cry and even pee. Most little girls are drawn to baby dolls because they enjoy playing “mommy” or “big sister” and an interactive baby doll will help stimulate your child’s imagination.  There is also a large selection of educational interactive baby dolls on the market. Some of the most popular interactive dolls play educational games, sing their ABC’s, count and even speak in multiple languages. As a parent you will feel good knowing you gave your daughter not only a toy she enjoys but an educational toy as well.

Baby Knows Doll

Baby knows doll is one of the most interactive baby dolls on the market. Baby knows doll is great baby doll and an even better educational toy. Baby knows doll knows where her ears, tummy, toes, eyes, mouth and hands are. When your little girl places her hand over one of these areas baby knows doll will announce which area was covered. The baby knows doll will even play learning games and sing her ABC’s. This sweet and cuddly doll also loves to play guessing games and will bring make- believe play to real life. If you are looking for a cute and educational interactive baby doll this one should be at the top of your list!

Sweet as Me Doll

The sweet as me doll is another great interactive baby doll. The sweet as me doll is soft, cuddly and is a hit with little girls. One of the best things about the sweet as me doll is you can find them in a variety of facial expressiinteractive baby doll, sweet as me doll, baby knows dollons, hair styles and colors. There is a huge line of sweet as me dolls on the market and they all do something different. Most of them sing; know all their main body parts, play games and some will even repeat phrases in both Spanish and English. There is a wide variety of accessories you can buy for the sweet as me doll. You can buy a stroller, crib, high chair and several different outfits for your sweet as me doll. Little girls love playing dress up, house and more games!

Interactive Baby Dolls

Interactive baby dolls are a great way to teach your child a sense of responsibility and let them explore their nurturing side as well. Interactive dolls are an excellent way to provide entertainment for your child but they are also a great educational tool. They also teach children to how to nurture and love others.  There is a wide variety of interactive baby dolls on the market and the options can sometimes be over-whelming. Take some time to do a little research and find out what each doll does prior to buying one. Involve your child in the research of their new interactive doll. Involving the children in the purchase of their interactive doll will also give them a sense of pride in their new baby doll.

Interactive Baby Dolls

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