Keep your water cold during workouts


Polar insulated water bottle

Thermal regulation is very important during workouts. Your body temperature increases significantly when you exercise. If you go out for a jog or hit the treadmills in the gym, your body starts to sweat. This happens because the body is trying to regulate body temperature. The body tries to get rid of the excess heat by sweating it out. If your body overheats, it will experience painful sensations and you could lose consciousness. So it is very important to allow your body temperature to return to normal. The best way to do that is to drink cool water. Cold water can help replenish the water levels that are lost due to sweating. The cold water also regulates the body temperature. So how do you keep your water cold during workouts? Simple… Pick up one of these easy to carry Polar insulated water bottles:

  1. The Polar 24 oz water bottle is an innovative bottle that comes with enough insulation to keep your water cool even on the hottest days. Fill it up with cold water and you can head out for a jog or a trip.
  2. The L.L.Bean Polar Insulated water bottle is also a very popular choice especially for cyclists because the bottle fits very neatly in the container stand on the bicycle.

Be sure to hydrate properly during your exercise routines!

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