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Brrrr… that’s me shivering at the thought of slipping between the cold sheets of my bed on a winter night. Unfortunately I feel colder than anyone else around me and often when my friends throw on a light wrap to protect themselves from the chill, I would be resembling an Eskimo! So if you need to know how to keep warm on cold winter nights, there’s no one more adept at guiding you, than yours truly!Flannel nightgown

The first consideration would be the sleepwear that you choose. Nightclothes made of soft fabrics that trap the warmth of your body are the perfect choice. Ideally you could opt for a womens flannel nightgown, thermal tees and pants, fleece PJ sets, or footed pajamas. Whilst all of these are extremely snug and cozy to sleep in, they are not exactly very stylish or attractive. If you are in a romantic mood, it would be more appropriate to wear some revealing lingerie, for example a lace baydoll nightie, and wear a pretty flannel robe on top to keep warm.

Footed pajamasOther steps that will help to keep you warm include wearing leg warmers and toe socks to bed. A knitted cap will keep your ears warm and reduce loss of heat through the head. Keep all windows and doors of the room closed so that heat is not lost due to air circulation. An electric mattress pad will keep your bed toasty and snug. Finally don’t forget to layer on the blankets- the more there are, the warmer you’ll feel.

The key to keeping warm on a cold winter night is to choose suitable ladies nightwear, keep the room heated and to preserve body heat through layers of clothing and blankets.

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