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It’s that time again: Thanksgiving is here! Are you planning to host a Thanksgiving party this year? I know, I know, it can be a bit nerve-racking. Here’s a quick rundown on my preparations for Thanksgiving, which I hope will be a good guide for you as well.

Determine the type of Thanksgiving you’ll have

First and foremost, it’s important to decide what kind of party you’ll be hosting. Is it a small or large gathering of family and friends? Will it be formal or casual? Classic Thanksgiving foods or something new? Beverages with an extra kick or not? These things are important because they will decide the kind of menu as well as the entertainment that you’ll want.

Helpful things to have in your kitchen

Regardless of the type of Thanksgiving party that you plan to host, food and beverages are the most integral part. Provide a range of snacks before your full-fledged dinner. To store all those drinks, you might want to get a mini fridge.  An efficient personal fridge could take care of all the extra drink storage while you use your main fridge for food, much of which you may need to prepare in advance. Having this small fridge is the perfect way to prevent your main fridge from getting overstuffed. Don’t forget to have all the proper cooking tools to make your dinner, like glass cutting boards to carve your turkey on.

Provide entertainment

Thanksgiving parties should be a time to have fun together and make new memories with your loved ones. You can select a wide array of party games to entertain your guests, especially if it is a casual thanksgiving party where both adults and children are involved. You can also have some lively music from a Bose Wave CD player.

Good luck hosting your Thanksgiving this year, and I hope this guide will help you survive this holiday home invasion!

Guest blogger: Divya

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