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DSL modems

High speed internet is a necessity at home these days. If you’re paying for internet at your house, make sure you’re getting the fastest connection you can. Internet connections usually use a line provided by your service provider which goes through a modem and then connects to a port on your computer or a wireless router. If you have an outdated modem it could bottleneck your internet speed. Here are a few things you should know about selecting modems that will speed up your current internet connection:

  • Not sure your modem needs to be replaced yet? Try using a program or site that shows you how long a ping takes, your download speed, and your upload speed. You’ll find out what speed you’re actually getting from your internet service and modem.
  • If you use DSL for your internet connection, then you should be looking for a DSL modem. DSL modems basically come in four types: ADSL, SDSL, HDSL and VDSL. Out of these HDSL and VDSL offer very high data rate which results in good internet speeds. Just make sure to contact your internet service provider and find out if the particular DSL modem you want is compatible with their connection line.
  • A few internet service providers sell new or used modems. This way you wouldn’t have to keep looking around electronic stores for them.
  • If you plan to use a Wi-Fi router you should remember that the router needs to be placed between the modem and the computer. A few modems do not get along with routers and could cause IP conflicts, so you should ask your service provider before you get one.
  • No matter what type of internet you get at home, you’ll probably want to access it wirelessly throughout your house. There are wireless modems available nowadays which are very convenient and easy to use, allowing you to have wireless internet.

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